Audit Reports

  • Audit Report Financial Year 2010-11 Download
  • Audit Report Financial Year 2011-12 Download
  • Audit Report Financial Year 2012-13 Download
  • Audit Report Financial Year 2013-14 Download
  • Audit Report Financial Year 2014-15 Download

PSDF Procurement Rules 2016

Employee's Code of Conduct

Corporate Governance Rules

Reporting & Monitoring Guidelines

  • Business Rules vf1.11 Download
  • Instructions, Reporting & Monitoring Manual vf1.11 Download
  • Monitoring Toolkit - Forms & Reports - 2015-16.doc v2 Download

Forms for Invoices

  • Consolidated Invoice as Cover of all Monthly Invoices of All Classes Download
  • Mobilization Advance Invoice Format Download
  • Monthly Class Invoice Format Download

Mobilisation Advance

  • Bank Guarantee Form for Mobilisation Advance Download
  • Undertaking for Mobilisation Advance (For Public Sector Entities) Download

PSDF Branding Guidelines

Debarring and Blacklisting of Training Service Providers Policy

  • Debarring and Blacklisting of TSPs Policy Download

Redressal of Grievances and Settlement of Disputes Committee

  • Redressal of Grievances and Settlement of Disputes Committee Download

AKHUWAT Contacts/Branch Info


PSDF’s Newsletter

Skills Intervention Report

  • CERP-Skills Intervention Report Download

Household Survey Report

  • CERP – Household Survey Report Download

CERP – Employer Survey Report

  • CERP – Employer Survey Report Download

Sector Report

  • Sector Skills Study - Auto-parts Manufacturing Download
  • Sector Skills Study - Cutlery, Utensils, Hunting Equipment and Surgical Instruments Manufacturing Download
  • Sector Skills Study - Food Processing Download
  • Sector Skills Study - Footwear Download
  • Sector Skills Study - Garments Download
  • Workshop Report - Logistics Sector Download
  • Sector Skills Study - Meat & Dairy Processing Download
  • Tracer Study - Skills for Job 2012 Scheme (Females) Download
  • Tracer Study - Skills for Job 2012 Scheme (Males) Download
  • Workshop Report - Construction Sector Download
  • Workshop Report - Garments Sector Download
  • Skills Need Assessment Report - Fan Industry Download
  • Employer Survey Report Download
  • Baseline Survey Report Download
  • Sector Skills Study - Furniture Download
  • Sector Skills Study - Sports Goods Download

Bidding Document For Skills for Tribal Area of DG Khan & Rajanpur

  • Issuance Date-January01,2017 :Submission Date-January 20,2017(03:00 PM) Download

Bidding Document - Industry Led Training for Golden Industrial Triangle 2017 - (Closed)

  • Instructions, Data Sheet & TORs (Closed) Download
  • Bidding Forms (Closed) Download
  • Registration Form for Capacity Building Conference (Closed) Download
  • Annexure E: Curriculum Sample Download

Bidding Document - Women Training for Home Based Livestock 2017

Bidding Document Industrial Training Program 2017

Curricula - Women Focused Training for Punjab Growth Strategy 2016

Curricula Skills for Job 2016

TEVTA Approved curricula proposed by Industries under PSDF's training schemes

  • Fabric Dyeing Expert 6-Month Download
  • Fabric Finishing Expert 6-Month Download
  • Fabric Quality Inspector 3-Month Download
  • Knitted Fabric Production Dev.specialist 3-Month Download
  • Textile Sales & Marketing 2015 3-Month Download
  • Forging Shop Operator 6-month Download
  • Heat Treatment (auto parts) 6-months Download
  • Inspection and Testing in forging 6-months Download
  • Sterlization Operator 3-Months Download
  • Water Treatmnet Technician 3-Months Download
  • Carpet Yarn Dyeing 3-Months Download
  • Carpet Weaving 3-Months Download
  • Carpet Designing 3-Months Download

Tender Document for Provision of Internet Services

  • Issuance Date-December23,2016 :Submission Date-January 06,2017(12:00 PM) Download

Tender Document - Outsourcing of Invoice Processing Corrigendum

  • Issuance Date-November17,2016 :Submission Date-January 02,2017(11:30 AM) Download

Tender Document - Skills Needs Assessment of Export-led Sectors

Tender Document - UpGradation of Existing DBMS - Rebidding

Tender Document - Internal Audit Firm

Tender Document - Provision of E-mail Hosting Services

Tender Document - For Execution of College Campaign in Punjab

Tender Document - Renovation of Office Building

Tender Document for Designing and Printing of Coffee Table Book

Request for Proposal (RFP) - Hiring of a Consulting Firm

Request for Proposal (RFP) - IT Health Assessment of PSDF

Prequalification Document - Overseas Employment Promoters

Tender Document for Provision of Third Party Stipend Disbursement Services

Tender Document - Provision of Third-Party Tax Consulting Services

Tender Document - Provision of Third-Party Legal Services

Tender Document - Provision of Third Party Head Hunting Services

Tender Document - Training Services Procurment Evaluation - Final